Premier Catering

Premier Catering

Our catering service includes a variety of international menus for different types of events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, marriage proposals, memorials, funerals, and corporate events. It can be tailored according to the event size, theme or individual requirements, anywhere.


Maria Bonita’s cooking style was born first and foremost as a form of expression inspired by Chef Maria Iglesias’s Mexican background. It was further influenced by her exploration of flavors through her travels and her time living in New York City for more than two decades.


Specializing in international cuisine, you can expect genuine dishes and exceptional quality from main course to dessert! Our passion is providing authentic cuisine, specifically American, Mexican, Latin American and Italian plates. To find out what we offer, take a look at our sample menu here.


Event size: 25 – 800 guests.
Locations: New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
Time: 2-6 hours per event.
Types of catering: full service, pickup or drop-off.


Tailor-Made Proposals

Formal Menu

  • Classic service and presentation at the table.
  • Station options that adapt to each new gourmet concept.


Informal Menu

  • Relaxed service.
  • A wide variety of options that adapt to all spaces.


Optional: You can book a tasting menu before your event to try our dishes and choose them carefully. Maria Bonita Catering will provide you with everything you need and more!


To find out what we offer, take a look at our sample menu here.


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